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A Buddhist Journey through Mind, Matter, and the Nature of Reality

from Shambhala Publications

— Coming Spring 2023

The modern world has been incredibly successful at producing physical wealth, scientific knowledge and technological innovation. But these advances have not led to corresponding increases in our psychological wellbeing, ​spiritual wealth, social harmony, or the health of this planet. There is nothing we need more in this age of materialism than the profound insights of the Mahayana. But emptiness and compassion are tough sells in a culture that exalts the material, and dismisses subjective experience.

There is nothing we need more in this age of materialism than the profound insights of Mahayana Buddhism.

Materialism—both the view that all of reality is ultimately composed of the lifeless matter described by physics; and the companion belief that all happiness comes from things we can possess—has deceived us. What was supposed to set us free has instead bound us to an endless cycle of striving and disappointment.

Into the Mirror confronts the materialism that modernity has unleashed, using both modernity’s intellectual tools, and the powerful methods of the Buddhist tradition.

Into the Mirror includes contemporary Western investigations of consciousness and reality, and offers a profound experiential journey through the insights, practices and ethical conduct of the Mahayana, from the Middle Way teachings on emptiness and dependant arising, through Yogachara’s subtle insights into the functioning of mind, culminating in the recognition that Buddha Nature is already within us to be revealed, rather than something external to be fabricated or acquired.

Into the Mirror offers a fresh approach to the Mahayana journey, adapted to our contemporary conditions and worldview.

Into the Mirror is a love letter to the Mahayana”

                                       — Michael Speraw

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About Andy Karr

Andy is a little old Jewish guy from New York, who’s spent over fifty years studying and meditating under various Buddhist masters, but is still afflicted with cravings for wealth, praise and pleasure, and fears of loss, shame and pain.

Despite these shortcomings, he is fool enough to think he might have something worthwhile to offer those of you who aspire to freedom from delusion and suffering. That’s why he continues to write and teach.

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