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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Back in 2011, when The Practice of Contemplative Photography was published, book tours were diminishing, but still a thing. That spring, my late wife, Wendy, and I set out on a three-month tour. We drove from our home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, down the East Coast to Virginia, west to Colorado, parked the car and flew to Vancouver (to attend a program with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche), rented a car to drive to Seattle, flew back to Denver to pick up the car, drove up through the midwest to Toronto and Montreal, and finally headed home.

Along the way, we made 36 stops at bookstores, dharma centers, and people’s homes. At each stop I gave a talk and slideshow, or a day-long workshop, sold and signed books, and chatted with whoever came out. We stayed with friends or made new friends. It was a wonderful adventure.

Like so many things, book tours went virtual during the pandemic. That now seems to be the way things work (except for A-list authors and famous people who are back doing live tours). With Into the Mirror coming out next week, I’ve started to do online events. I probably won’t get to talk to a live audience before autumn.

The positive side of all this virtual activity is that it will produce recordings that I can share with you on this blog. The negative side is that I probably won’t get to enjoy talking with you in person anytime soon.

Here’s a slideshows from 2011 The Practice of Contemplative Photography book tour.


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